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SERU - Structural Engineering Research Unit came into operation on May 1, 2001 as a result of an agreement signed by both The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey [ known by its Turkish acronym as TUBITAK ] and Middle East Technical University. SERU is housed within the Civil Engineering Department at Middle East Technical University and is supported by the Construction and Environmental Technologies Research Grant Committee [ known by its Turkish acronym ICTAG ], which is one of the principal component bodies of TUBITAK. The research emphasis at SERU is on aspects of structural analysis, experiment and rehabilitation with special regard to seismic loading. Broader activities of SERU include a project for the installation and development of strong motion accelerogram networks as well as a project for the dissemination of knowledge by means of continuing education and publication in the area of earthquake engineering. Professor Güney Özcebe of the Structural Mechanics Division, Civil Engineering Department, is the Founding President of SERU. All SERU members are involved in projects sponsored by organizations such as the NATO Science for Peace Office as well as by national institutions. Participation in these projects has been extended to invited and qualified researchers from other universities in Turkey and abroad. Detailed information on the technical, research and educational activities of SERU is available on its dedicated website